Ten things in common with all our clients who met their goals last year

Over that past several years Case in Point has been apart of the organizational development of companies such as Aramco, Zain Telecom, National Talents and may others. We noticed that there are ten things in common with our clients who met their organizational goals that distinguish them as high performing, fast growing organizations. All our clients who met their goals believed that:

  •   Business success or lack thereof it is their responsibility.
  •  There are answers and solutions out there, and even when found you keep looking for better ones.
  •  Focus and attention are irreplaceable for business success.
  •  It is OK to make mistakes and learn from them.
  •  The right answers are overrated.
  •  It is never black or white, grey areas is where a business is.
  •  There is always a way and it is their responsibility to find that way.
  •  Complaining is of no value and a complete waste of time.
  •  They do not leave room for chance when it comes to success.
  •   They are present.

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