Success Stories

National TalentS Company - KSA

National TalentS are the leading exhibit and museum creators in Saudi Arabia, and among the best
in the world. They have a profound mission to “make learning meaningful.”

Although National TalentS had an existing PMO, they recognised value in both upgrading their
PMO and building their human capital.

We intervened by creating a PMO improvement plan built on enhancing team efficiency and

By engaging the National TalentS team in the improvement process, they were able to develop a
clear vision and goals for their PMO using the OKR methodology.

We supported National TalentS in every step of the process by leading the non-invasive execution
plan and providing direction and support to help steer the team towards improvement, which was
clear after the first month.

Today, National TalentS has achieved higher team synergy and project success rate and is even
ready to sell their own PMO services.

Zain - Jordan

Zain, the “leading mobile voice and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle
Eastern and African countries”, are one of Case In Point Consultant’s long time clients.

Over the Years, we have partnered up with Zain over multiple performance-boosting projects.

In one of our collaborations, Zain’s top managers underwent a three-day workshop in which we
encouraged engagement, thought-provocation, and strategic thinking. In just three days, they
walked away with a vivid corporate vision, a well articulated strategy statement, clear, measurable
corporate-level goals, and a high-level roadmap and Key Result Areas for the company and its

In another collaboration, Zain were eager to unlock their managers’ full potential. Thus, we
conducted a comprehensive People Analytics Performance DNA Assessment, followed by three
one-on-one coaching sessions per manager for sixty managers over the span of one year.

During the sessions, the managers were able to identify KPIs, strategic and annual goals, and
personal and organisational strengths and challenges. They then developed a “straight line”
roadmap with possible “stalls” and “workarounds”, and deduced overall steps for moving forward
sustainably to continue being the leaders at what they do.

International Maritime Industries (IMI) - KSA

IMI is “the largest integrated, full service maritime yard in MENA offering competitive, safe, high
quality and on-time solutions to ship and rig customers around the globe”.

We supported IMI in setting up and operating a full ERP PMO.

IMI’s 3-year ERP project included an aggressive deadline with a first roll-out within 4 months.

The project PMO entailed managing 150 stakeholders, including ERP implementer, IFS Switzerland,
main contractor, DarMe, and four other IMI contractors.

Our services covered managing the whole project, which included joint ventures (Bahri, Aramco,
Hyundai, Lamprell), and running all business functions, processes, and resources on and off-site.

IMI, as a result, achieved higher clarity in project status, proactive management of risks and
challenges vertically and horizontally, accountability, and engagement of all stakeholders from
executives to team members, and across the business and IT levels.

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