Set your sales plan using OKRs

The sales of the company are one of the most remarkable force in the company and determines its success or failure, which put the sales team under the pressure to achieve goals, their success or failure is always linked to achieving goals, So goals must be well defined and your team must be informed of the tasks required from them, and you must know how to set goals and results from Key (OKRs) for the sales force and motivate them. However, you can do this by shifting the focus from numbers to performance.

The key results and objectives framework should be designed to help improve employee performance. Move away from linking the OKR framework to ratings, which are linked to numbers. Hence, the ideal OKR framework is one that helps all employees align their goals with the goals set by the company itself, for this period or longer if needed.

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Then, these goals and key results are hierarchically written from top to bottom, so that all employees have a fair understanding of what they are supposed to do in the coming days and goals define what they are expected to do, emphasizing that key results are not tasks, but outcomes. It is achieved after carrying out certain tasks, and these tasks must be defined and discussed in detail. Find out how you can use OKRs in your business here.


 OKRs (Goals and Key Results) are defined as a method for setting goals and sales teams can use to streamline their efforts and tasks assigned to them using the OKR framework, which enables the sales team to define key goals and each individual can define the main results they can achieve to contribute to the team’s primary collective goal.

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The work within the OKR framework is done by setting an overarching goal which is then divided into smaller, measurable goals called key results and these results must be achievable within a specified period. The whole team rather than distributing them hierarchically from the top to the bottom, which helps the team to engage more in the work and the goals will be a match for them, their abilities, and their skills.


Thus, your team will have a greater understanding of the goals to be achieved and the mechanism for implementing them, and they will know exactly what needs to be done and what tasks must be done to achieve the main goal.


To implement the OKRs framework in your business, you need to consider the following:

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  • Determining the goal.

This determines the specific outcome of the goal and what you aspire to achieve, and your goal should be concise and easy to understand for everyone in your organization.


  • Sit the timeframe

The period must be measurable and aligned with your goals, and some companies operate within a 3-month framework to align with their quarterly business calendars.

  • Set the main results

The results should be measurable and divided into three main results as follows:

  • First major result: A measurable goal we can achieve at 80%.
  • The second key result: a measurable goal we can achieve at 50%.
  • Third key result: A measurable goal we can achieve at 20%.

Follow up on your team on a daily and weekly basis to ensure that they work within the required and that they are within the plan towards achieving short-term goals and the main goal of your company, and make sure to distribute tasks among them according to their characteristics and special skills. You can better understand your team by analyzing the personality of employees using artificial intelligence, which helps you Employing the best human resources in addition to developing your existing team through our services

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