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In one month we can help ensure and measure your strategy execution.



In one month we can help you setup and operate a full PMO



In one month we can enhance human behavior towards achieving goals.

Our Strategy Services



“This one move is widely regarded as a key reason why LinkedIn became a $20 billion company.”

-Jeff Weiner CEO of LinkedIn on OKRs


In his book “Exponential Organizations” Salim Ismail defines the exponential organization phenomenon and more importantly explains how these companies achieve and sustain this level of growth. One of the tools he highlights is the OKR methodology.  OKR’s are the modern-day KPI management method of choice for companies and organizations in the business transformation age. Fortune 100 companies, as well as NGOs and governments, can use this technique to help teams achieve laser-like focus on goals towards achieving and exceeding them.  We use a combination of psychology and data analytics to help teams become more agile, focused, motivated, and persistent.


Blue Ocean Shift

“I see new unique opportunities and potential in the market. We are aggressively tackling the market after this session by CIP”

-Abdulhameed Hashlamon, CEO at Sama Food Industries.

Blue Ocean Shift by W. Chan Kimby is the approach that suggests a company is better off searching for ways to play in uncontested markets instead of engaging with competition in existing marketing spaces. CIP’s Blue ocean workshop consists of 3-4 sessions facilitated by our Blue Ocean expert. In each session, we build one or two of the Blue Ocean strategy models. These include PSM product/Service model, Strategy Canvas Model, Buyer Utility Map, Three Tiers of Non-Customers, and Four Action Model. After this workshop managers will have the Blue Ocean strategy mindset that will help them create markets instead of competing in markets. You will never have to compete on price again.

Our Projects (PMO) Services

CIP consultants have led, designed and built some of the first PMOs ever worldwide for companies including Ford Electronics Division, Visteon Systems, Fermi II Nuclear Plant Y2K PMO, we have helped companies worldwide using our own proven methodology Extreme Agile Chain (XAC) for ensuring on-time delivery for time-sensitive projects and aggressive deadlines.

Our methodology, Extreme Agile Chain (XAC) is a combination of the agile approach, extreme programming and critical chain which are methodologies used on timely aggressive projects for companies worldwide including the department of defense. CIP is also dedicated to building Project Management Office (PMO) software that offers facebook like engagement, with google like simplicity.

PMOs CIP has executed

United States

  • CIP consultants have lead, designed and built some of the first PMOs in the US which include:
  • Ford Electronics Division, MI
  • Visteon Systems, MI
  • Fermi II Nuclear Plant Y2K, Ohio


  • Zain Telecom
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Orange Telecom
  • Arabtech Jardaneh
  • Consolidated Consultants CC


  • Saudi Fund for Development
  • Riyadh Development Authority ADA
  • General Aviation Authority (GACA)
  • National Talents, Al Khobar

Our Team Performance Boosting Services



“The impact of training in the workplace was evident from the very first day”

-Waleed Jarrar HR Manager STS PayOne


Case in Point Consulting believes in the importance of focusing on building capacity.  Not on tool, or process only.  But on building human capital. We also believe in training that gets results. One that shows an immediate change in employee performance in the workplace. We achieve this by training using practical best practices that employees can directly apply in the workplace, as well as incorporating the latest technologies for boosting team performance such as simulation-based learning which is proven to provide 15x higher retention rate than traditional training.


People Analytics

“You cannot believe the profound impact your coaching and People Analytics had on Zain’s Managers.”

-Ahmad Hanandeh, Former CEO at Zain

People Analytics and Psychology fields have come together in ways that were not even imaginable ten years ago, to bring us chances to boost performance. With the availability of new technology related to Neuroscience, Big Data, People Analytics and Psychology we now have the opportunity to boost and predict employee performance more accurately and efficiently than ever before. We have the ability to create a collective analysis of teams and show how to maximize their collective strengths to boost team performance, team synergy, and collaboration.

Our Clients