Our Performance-Hacking Tools Page

The 21st Century Performance-Hacking Tools

Fast. Effective. Agile.

We use 21st century tools and methodologies of digital transformation, neuroscience, and artificial
intelligence for exponential organisations that fit 21st century companies.

Exponential Blue Ocean Shift

The fast-growing and ever-changing market of the 21st century needs businesses that continually
disrupt new levels of growth and value.

We blend Exponential Organisations strategy with the Blue Ocean Shift to create a detailed action
the plan that is guaranteed to 2x-20x your revenue by maximizing your impact.

Who is it for?
Companies who are looking to:
-Develop a comprehensive action plan
-Disrupt into new levels of growth and value
-Increase their revenue

What does it look like?
6 hours of your time, over 3 sessions -> Detailed action plan -> Clear timeline, action items, and
quick wins

“It’s a life-changing session, because with think and react differently now. We feel our attitude is
positive while solving our problems.”

CEO of Sama Food Industries, Jordan

OKR Management and Implementation

Commonly used amongst Fortune 100 companies, NGOs, and even governments, the Objectives
and Key Results methodology helps you translate your strategies into simple, measurable, and
realistic goals in a manner that is outcome-driven.

By identifying outcomes rather than tasks as drivers of performance, your team will move forward
with accountability in every step of executing and achieving success, recognized as key to
sustaining exponential organizational growth.

Who is it for?

Companies who are looking to:

-Develop, implement, and track a strategy that reflects their goals
-Adopt an effective, results-driven goal-setting framework that is simple and measurable

What does it look like?

Strategy Articulation session -> OKR and Strategy workshop -> One-on-one OKR review sessions
-> Cloud-based tracking tool

“Case in Point’s OKR Consulting enabled our team to become more organized, focused, and

Huda Hijazi Marekting & Communications Manager at KHBP, Jordan

PMO Set-Up and Operation

Our consultants have led, designed and built some of the first Project Management Offices in the
world for companies including Ford’s Electronics Division, Visteon Systems, and Fermi 2 Nuclear
Plant Y2K.

We use our own proven methodology of the Extreme Agile Chain (XAC), which combines the agile
approach, extreme programming, and critical chain, to ensure on-time delivery for time-sensitive
projects and aggressive deadlines.

We help you set-up and run a PMO software that offers Facebook-like engagement, with Googlelike simplicity to improve teamwork and achieve accountability across all departments.

Who is it for?
Companies who are looking to:
-Set a clear vision and goals for their Project Management Office
-Seamlessly implement an agile Project Management Office
-Improve teamwork
-Achieve accountability across all departments

What does it look like?
Setup and operate a full PMO -> Unique, agile, and iterative approach -> Project visibility software
with Google-like simplicity

“Case in Point work as partners and owners. They spend whatever time and effort that is needed
to make sure that our needs are met. They are a double A team; Amazing and Authentic!”

Saeed SaeedCEO of National TalentS, KSA

People Analytics

Utilizing a powerful blend of psychology and data analytics, we help teams holistically achieve
greater agility, sharper focus, elevated motivation and stronger persistence, turning them into their
most efficient selves.

We create an analysis of your team and show you how to maximize individual and collective
strengths to boost team performance, synergy, and collaboration, as well as increase your
recruiting effectiveness, by zooming into your team’s performance DNA.

Who is it for?
Companies who are looking to:
-Understand obstacles hindering their performance
-Increase recruiting effectiveness
-Develop a deep understanding of team members’ performance styles
-Enhance team spirit, productivity, and performance

What does it look like?
Online performance DNA assessments -> Results analysis using Big Data Analytics -> HR
Recommendations -> One-on-one performance coaching sessions -> Performance styles and
motivators workshop


“You cannot believe the profound impact your People Analytics assessments and consultation
have had on Zain’s Managers.”

Ahmad HanandehFormer CEO of Zain, Jordan

Tech-Enabled Training

We believe building human capital and capacity is one of the most important investments that any
the organisation can make.

We also believe in training that gets real results fast.

Our customized and tech-enabled training is proven to help employees retain knowledge 15x
more efficiently than traditional training, by allowing them to apply what they learn firsthand, using
high engagement methodologies and artificial intelligence tools, such as real-life electronic

Who is it for?
Companies who are looking to:
-Equip team members with higher skill-based and factual knowledge levels
-Undergo effective training they can be confident in
-Achieve real training results

What does it look like?
Needs Assessment -> Best practices to apply in your workplace -> Customised training, including
AI-based learning


“Ammar has been instrumental in bringing simulation-based training to the Middle East. I highly
recommend both Ammar and Case in Point.”

Jesse FreesePresident of Simulation Powered Learning, USA