Case In Point Co has been part of the organizational development of...

Pharma International
Petra University
Ministry of ICT
King Hussein Business Park
Capital Shipping
Saudi Telecommunication Company
Capital Shipping Company
Saudi Electricity Company
United Nations
STS PayOne
Action Against Hunger
Saudi Aramco
Qatar Leadership Centre
Dubai Police
Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Success Stories

National TalentS Company - KSA

National Talents in Saudi Arabia are the leading exhibits and museum creators in Saudi Arabia, and among the best in the world.  They have a profound mission which is to “make learning meaningful.”

National Talents had an existing PMO, and it was adding value already. They decided they want more.

With the help of Case In Point a PMO improvement plan was built one that focused on building capacity.  Not on tool, or process only.  But on building the human capital. Talents was already there.  Winning.  And they chose to do even better and they did.  And they continue to do so.

Talents today is ready and confident enough to sell PMO services.  Not only build their PMO. They are a getting closer by  the day to become a “Center of Excellence” on project execution.

How we did it:

We started by focusing on the human capital.  On engaging people in the improvement initiative.  That required a clear vision and goals for the PMO this was achieved using the new  OKR methodology of measuring success.  Then we started building the capacity one month at a time in a non disruptive manner. We put together a monthly improvement plan for one year.  One clear and profound improvement a month, that clearly was a value adding step for everybody and for the company.

Then CIPC lead the execution of the plan using full engagement with the client staff. And on a monthly basis provide direction and support to help steer the team towards that improvement and the goal set for the month.

We also introduced Agile methodology not only from a technical perspective but also from a business perspective.  This made Project Management less disruptive and more of a team game rather than a rigid methodology game.  They were all practical simple tweeks that allowed Talents to stay nimble and yet deliver and build accountability across departments and hierarchy.

Zain - Jordan

Zain, the leading mobile voice and data services operators in the region are one of Case In Point’s long time clients.

Over the Years CIPC and Zain have partnered over multiple performance boosting projects , one of the most recent collaborations to note where CIPC delivered a Strategy Facilitation Workshop, which was structured in a way to ensure an engaging, thought provoking, and strategic thinking atmosphere. CIPC delivered a three-day workshop for Zain’s top managers.

After the workshop Zain’s top managers walked away with a clear corporate vision, a clearly articulated strategic statement, clear, measurable corporate level goals, A high level roadmap and key result areas for company and departments.

Another recent collaboration between Zain and CIPC is where Zain was interested in offering one on one coaching sessions for managers to help them reach further into their full potential. This was after said managers have previously completed CIPC’s People Analytics’ “Performance Style” Assessment.

CIPC’s Certified Strategic Talent Advisor delivered three sessions per manager spread over a year period, for sixty managers, as follows Session 1: Identification of KPIs strategic and annual goals, strengths and challenges, personal and organizational. Tactical plan for first period. Session 2: Review results of first period, and a “straight line” roadmap and possible “stalls” and “workarounds”. Tactical plan for second period. Session 3: Team engagement plan review and overall steps for moving forward sustainably.

International Maritime Industries - KSA

Case In Point Consulting was chosen to setup and operate an ERP PMO for IMI. IMI  is a specialist engineering company that designs, manufactures and services highly engineered products that control the movement of fluids. This specific ERP Project included an aggressive deadline of first roll-out within 4 months. The project PMO Included managing 150 stakeholders including ERP implementer IFS- Switzerland, the main contractor DarMe and 4 IMI contractors.

CIPC was responsible for managing the whole project including joint ventures (Bahri, Aramco, Hyundai, Lamprell) including all Business processes and resources on and off-site, as well as the delivery of this 3-year project

CIPC’s intervention resulted in:

  • Clarity in project status
  • Proactive Management of risks and issues vertically and horizontally
  • Accountability
  • Engagement of all stakeholders from executive to team member level and across business and IT