ORDER –  Do YOU work for your business or does YOUR BUSINESS work for you? ….  There is a big difference and you have to know it ……

Some have opened a business so they do not become employees. They want to be their own boss. And that is fine.But at one point in their life, they start thinking about sustainability of the business; “what will happen to the business after I retire?”Some people answer this question by hiring relatives to take on the business after them, assuming their relative are an exact extension of them. They soon find out that can be a big mistake. Their relatives are not trained to take care of the business, and you do not pass business in the DNA.Others let second-in-lines take command and again, they find out that they are not able to deliver expected results.

For a business to sustain, it needs ORDER:

  1.       Organization Structure review
  2.       Rewrite job descriptions into Position Contracts
  3.       Develop KPIs for each position
  4.       Evaluate Processes and how the company delivers value to its customers
  5.       Roll-out the improved system with people, processes, tools, and data.

Without these Five components no company can claim to be sustainable.Do you have These five components in place? Take this assessment to find out.Many companies say “we are different. And this works for others not us.” If this is true then good luck.  Because there is no other formula for sustainability without these five elements.

We can help you to do this within 3-6 months, whether it is a small or a big organization, we can help you:

  • Design an organization structure that delivers
  • Build position contracts that are readable by employees and applicable in real life
  • Develop KPIs that are realistic and really reflect the successful fulfillment of each role
  • Build key processes in a structured and easily accessible fashion, with minimal training
  • Provide hands on support to your team to ensure they apply the processes skillfully and deliver on their KPIs
  • Our founder has done this for small companies of five employees, up to fortune 100 companies.

The way we deliver is:

  • Effective
  • Practical
  • Fast
  • Built based on Best in Class Practices
  • Simple software tools

To help you take the first step as a business owner  we would like to offer you a free consultation session. Contact us at: info@caseinpointco.com