Is this really the best your organization can do?

Is this really the best your organization can do?

If your answer to this is “yes” and you think you’re all set and done, you might be settling too soon. 


Let’s make “x” refer to your objectives for the year and multiply that by 2, which gives us “2x”.  So for example, if you’re shooting for “x” revenue for that year, “2x” would be double that revenue.  What if I told you that hitting “2x” is more than possible for your company? How about the fact that you’re only selling yourself short by settling for plain old “x”? You’re probably rolling your eyes right now and thinking “outrageous”, right?


Well, I’ll tell you what: That does not matter


What does matter is this question: can you do it? Surely others have.  In spite of the many successful attempts at this, you still hear excuses like “of course I can but the market conditions don’t allow it,” or ” the boss doesn’t think it’s possible at the moment” and some even saying “the cat is the reason the company isn’t doing any better”. As absurd as some of these excuses may sound, we use them to keep us comfortable and safe in the assumption that there is nothing more we can do and that what is holding us back from a better performance is “external factors”… yeah, like the “cat”.  But funny enough, we never really take a look at the obstacle standing before us that is much bigger than your cat: Us.  “Me?!” you’re probably thinking,  “How could it be me? I’m the one putting in all the work and effort to keep this company on its feet. I don’t even get the appreciation I deserve in return for it!”


If you found yourself caught in this kind of thought chain, then congratulations! You’ve just created yourself a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. I always tell my clients that if you believe that this is the best you can do, then it definitely is.  But if you believe you can do way more, then you can.  It all comes down to you. 


So now that we’ve approached a new year, it is probably time to rewrite your own narrative and take responsibility for the story we create as a result of that. Really own responsibility, and not “say” that you own it when you don’t.  If I accept this responsibility and own it, that I’m the one stopping myself and my company from reaching its true potential, then I would carefully take note of the following fact: did you know most humans hardly even making use of 5% of their capabilities and potential?  And so think about it: Since all organizations are the making of humans, then most organizations are hardly providing 5% of the value they are capable of offering.


Once you’ve given yourself some time to process that fact, now it’s time to move on to the bigger question: How can I or the organization tap into this potential?


There are plenty of ways to do that and those who managed to find them know them to be true.  Now you have two choices to make: You either stay blind to that potential, refuse to look for it, and be happy convincing yourself that there is nothing else out there for you. Or you choose to look for that potential in you and your company and have the courage to say to yourself that you want to find that potential, that you will go after it, and that you will eventually find it.  So, what will you choose?


I would like to know what you choose.  Don’t trick yourself and add “buts” when making your choice. If you catch yourself saying “Alright, I’m willing to go find my potential BUT…”  then, in reality, you are choosing to stay blind. Remember, you have to take full responsibility for your organization and own that responsibility, and not “say” that you do. Have conviction in your choice and quit the “buts”.


What will you choose? How will you now put that choice into action?

Made a choice and have no idea where to go from there? Tired of settling for an “x” when you could aim for a “2x”? Email us to book a meeting at info@caseinpointco.com and we’ll help you exploit your company’s potential.

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