How can I help my team be more productive? Here are the top ten tricks that work like magic:

They are not “tricks” per se. Because you are not “tricking them.”  You are helping them succeed. So here are the top ten techniques that I have used which work like a charm, I promise:

  1. Always show them “What’s in it for them” when you ask them to do anything. Be honest about it. Don’t lie or manipulate. Show them what matters to them honestly and clearly.
  2. Ask them to do it in a third of the available time , without lying to them about the deadline.  Ask them to finish the work in a third of the time and work like someone is holding a gun to their head and they have to finish within the allowed time. While this might sound impossible, it is very possible.  It will save them from procrastination and having to spend late hours close to the deadline.  It also allows them to refine the work in the second third. And the third part (last third) of the time is a safety factor so the team has a buffer for risk.  They will work more confidently and comfortably and always finish on time and do stunning work.
  3. Praise and recognize positive behavior and accomplishments of every team members
  4. Give them honest candid feedback but in a positive manner. I do not demean, criticize, put down, let down, or use sarcasm to point out their mistakes.
  5. Praise each member privately. I also show my disappointment when they behave wrongly also privately.
  6. Never talk badly behind their back.
  7. Ask them to choose their own KPIs, and let them track them and report to you on weekly basis. Insist on weekly reporting and reviews.
  8. Encourage them to bring up risks promptly, but always suggest solutions, not only come up with issues.
  9. Show them respect, love, appreciation, caring, and understanding. Show it genuinely.
  10. Care about your team and their professional career.