Enough with the Competition: How The Blue Ocean Shift Can Transform Your Organization

We have all seen the struggle of a typical company in the competition. The unhealthy stress of clawing the way to better service, desperate negotiation for cheaper goods, unsteady forecasts, keeping all five senses on the competing company while employees struggle to make the right calls and keep their jobs. 

Household names such as Yahoo, Kodak, and Sears (previously open for 126 years), have gone out of business for the very reason of staying within and limiting themselves to the boundaries of a market space they’ve set themselves in. Doing the same old thing and following the same old strategy won’t always do you good in a fast-growing and developing world, and the downfall of these big-name companies proved this. 

These same old strategies have kept businesses in the red ocean—a business term used for companies desperately trying to get their bigger share of the sales and fighting through a highly saturated market. It’s like being in an ocean with too little fish and too many sharks. The sharks are going to rip each other to shreds and fight a bloody battle in order to get a bigger share of the fish, creating a bloody, red ocean.

If only there was a way to shift away from these too-competitive, red ocean markets and into a place where opportunities thrive and competition is weak…

Well, there is a way. Clearer, bluer oceans do exist.

No matter what a company sells or what services they offer, there are other newer and better opportunities out there. There’s a blue ocean for any company that is willing and brave enough to navigate the unknown waters of the business landscape. 

You may have found your company in a deeply red ocean, but you can swim away into a bluer ocean where the market is all yours. No competition, no hassle.

This idea of removing yourself from a competitive market into one that is unique, unheard of, and opportunistic is a long-term strategy called the Blue Ocean Shift. 

It’s simple: the Blue Ocean Shift is comprised of a set of advanced tools and creative ideas that are designed to boost your company’s growth rate. This isn’t limited to just a specific industry, anyone from anywhere can benefit from the Blue Ocean Shift. It can be applied in any industry, for teams, and even for individuals who are looking for a creative way to break that barrier stopping you from reaching your potential.

This strategy was created by the Authors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. 

Kim, being a Professor of Strategy and Management, a fellow of the World Economic Forum, and awarded a Nobel’s Colloquia Prize for Leadership on Business and Economic Thinking in 2008, has knowledge and experience that made him one of the most influential management thinkers alive. Together with Renée, a professor of Strategy and Management at INSEAD, they took a thirty-year research journey, which inspired them to publish one of their most famous books Blue Ocean Shift that had been implemented in businesses worldwide.

The idea behind the Blue Ocean Shift is to expand on a company’s current customer demand by getting a clearer vision of the role the company plays in their chosen industry and creating a need for change, thus, creating new markets, potential ideas, accelerated growth, and an increase in profits. 

Easy? It might as well be.

However, there’s only one right way to successfully implement the Blue Ocean Shift strategy. But with the help of our experienced, professional consultants at Case in Point, they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction and help you find your own personal blue ocean. Our trained consultants will lead on a path of business success that involves developing empathy, inspiring business owners and executives, instilling a feeling of ownership in your team members, introducing newer, fresher perspectives, and providing the right tools and technology to help you find your blue ocean.

The use of new, progressive, and multi-purpose technologies to drive better business outcomes is changing the nature of markets as well. CompTIA research stated that 36% of companies strongly agree that technology plays a critical role in strategic planning. Case in Point connects the right software, people, professional expertise, and business solutions that will aid you in creating, developing, and reaching your strategic goals.

Abdulhameed Hashlamon, the CEO at Sama Food Industries, is a great example—among many others—of the positive results of the Blue Ocean sessions. “I see new unique opportunities and potential in the market. We are aggressively tackling the market after this session by Case in Point.”

Applying the systematic mindset embedded in the Exponential Blue Ocean will be easier than ever once everyone in the organization has been given the confidence, knowledge, and professional training needed for a new value-cost frontier.

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