How to Deal With Cunning Deceitful Manipulators

How to Deal With Cunning Deceitful Manipulators ?

Practical tips and techniques to deal with negative behaviors of the people in your life and guidelines to keep you  safe and healthy.

Who should take this course?

• A person who is facing negative attitudes from his collogues.
• A person who gets hurt by someone indirectly without being able to pin point exactly how he or she does it.
• A person who is isolated from others.
• A person who is Bullied.
• A person who is dealing with manipulative people in their work or personal life.

Why take this course?

• Identify and manage Cunning Deceitful manipulators in your life.
• Undo the hurt caused by previous encounters.
• Build your resilience against this type of behavior.
• Learn proven tips and techniques to keep you safe and health.
• Learn from Ammar Mango organizational consultant and coach with over +30 years of experience consulting and coach executive in organizations world-wide including Fortune 100 companies.

Certification & Accreditation

Certificate issued by Case In Point Consulting

  • Trainers with over 25 years of experience coaching and training.
  • Over 7K individuals trained world-wide.

• Identify the negative people in your life.
Have a safe and healthy relationships.
Know exactly how to deal with negative people.

Meet Ammar W. Mango


A certified ExO (Exponential Organization) Consultant with a passion to help clients breakthrough and transform into higher levels of performance, His +30 years of experience in Organizational Development includes consulting and coaching for companies worldwide. His clients range from Fortune 100 companies to SMEs and startups. He has also worked with NGOs and semi-governmental agencies.