Ten things in common with all our clients who met their goals last year

Over that past several years Case in Point has been apart of the organizational development of companies such as Aramco, Zain Telecom, National Talents and may others. We noticed that there are ten things in common with our clients who met their organizational goals that distinguish them as high performing, fast growing organizations. All our […]

How to write stunning reports

“I have ten days to prepare a report. I spend the first eight researching because I feel not satisfied with what I have, and then rush in the last two days to finish it. The client comes back not satisfied because of the mistakes and typos in the report. This always happens to me. Anything […]

They lied to you about self confidence

As soon as a speaker or a celebrity starts lecturing you about willpower, please do me a favor and stop listening.  Switch to another podcast, or another YouTube channel, or leave the venue. They are wasting your time. The truth is that everyone who is lecturing you about willpower does not have more willpower than […]