Better Manager, Better Employees

At this point, anyone who sees the words “better manager” will immediately think of someone easy going, laid back, and most importantly, possesses a level of emotional intelligence that shoots through the roof. The headline of most recent articles on leadership have to include terms like “emotional intelligence,” “high EQ,” and “empathy.” But somehow, no […]

How to Use Criticism to Your Advantage

The truth can be triggering Ever wondered why receiving feedback can be so difficult to accept? According to an article published on HBR, there’s a reason why listening to criticism, no matter how constructive, can be irritating and even painful for some. Authors Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone believe there are three types of triggers […]

What it takes to be an Agile Planner

Strategic planning isn’t the same as strategic thinking Many times you see CEOs or managers using the terms strategic thinking and strategic planning interchangeably, but the fact is that both these terms are two separate concepts with different scopes. Strategic thinking focuses on ideation, creativity, problem solving, and scenario planning. It’s about seeing the bigger […]

The Challenges You’ll Face as a New CEO

The excitement that comes with establishing a company or business is one every CEO is familiar with; you can’t beat the thrill of starting your own line of products or services to help fulfill a need in the target market. But this feeling of excitement and thrill can quickly diminish once the real work sets […]

Manage Your Inner Control Freak

Everyone is familiar with the control freak—everything needs to happen on their own terms, so unless the project in-hand is being led by them, it isn’t good enough. If we’re brave enough to admit it, every one of us has an inner “control freak,” but some of us give a little too much leeway to […]

How to (Properly) Lead a Remote Workforce

Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve all been hearing about the “new norm” that people all over the world would have to adopt towards the end of the pandemic, especially on a business level. With more and more people getting vaccinated, CEOs and business owners now have a tough decision to make—do we keep our […]

5 Tips For Implementing OKRs Effectively

Objectives should be clear and specific The hallmark of OKRs is that they’re both ambitious yet simple. Assuming every team has its own set of OKRs, you need to make sure those OKRs are readable, comprehensible, and most importantly, fully and clearly understood. The objectives of the department—which should be well-aligned with the company’s objectives—must […]

Your Business Should Work for You, Not the Other Way Around

Here’s a question to ask yourself—Do you work for your business or does your business work for you? There’s a difference between the two, one follows an order, and the other one doesn’t. Knowing the difference can help you better sustain your company and maintain its relevance in the current market. Sometimes you’re met with […]

5 Leadership Trends to Look Out for

1- Building the right business culture for remote teams Many businesses in the last year or so had to reinvent the wheel in different aspects of their business, one of those aspects being their own business culture. Some were caught by surprise when they realized the kind of culture they were able to maintain in-office […]

Fast and Agile PMO: Is it Doable?

Today you can launch a Project Management Office (PMO) initiative within one month. Yes, you heard us right; one month. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, at Case in Point Co., we believe this is how PMOs should be launched in the new age of COVID-19—to prevail in a post-pandemic world, the […]