The Three Ways COVID-19 Taught Us How to Do Business

During the pandemic, many businesses and CEOS—even the most experienced of them—were forced to rethink and reshape the business structure on which these companies are based. Everything down to the operational level of business had to be renovated to adapt to the rapidly changing world we found ourselves in in 2020. Many of us can […]

How Leaders Can Encourage Accountability

When you’re a leader of an organization or manager, the most straightforward way to get things done within the company is to simply tell employees what you want and need from them. However, it seems—at least for many CEOs and managers—that every time they tell their employees to do something, they either end up doing […]

Tips to Improve Your Focus While Working from Home

The upside—and downside—of remote work Remote work is on the rise—many companies nowadays are going remotely, not temporarily, but permanently. Not only are employers seeing the benefits of remote work, but employees are finding it more enjoyable to work from the comfort of their own homes. Workers are pushing managers and higher-ups to consider the possibility of […]

Five Tips for Managers Who Don’t Know How to Delegate

The transition from working in the business to working on the business Learning to delegate is a skill many managers—regardless of company size— struggle to pick up and master. This is especially true for entrepreneurs or managers at start-ups whose business is developing faster than their own skills. A rapidly growing start-up means that entrepreneurs […]

How Your Company Culture Could Save Your Company

What is “Company Culture” anyway? “When we think about culture, we think about a common set of behaviors, plus the underlying mindsets that shape how people work and interact day to day.” This is a quote by McKinsey’s talent expert and partner Brooke Weddle taken from the McKinsey Talks Talent podcast; a great and clear […]

What Separates Outperforming CEOs from Average Ones

While there are a lot of factors that will determine the success or downfall of a business, being a CEO with the right mindset can help you take the steps needed to achieve your goals and fulfill your company vision. But you might be wondering, what really is “the right mindset” to have as a […]

The Four Characteristics of a Great Project Manager

Why Project Managers Are Great Assets Put simply, project managers have the ability to make good ideas happen. When executives are too busy thinking of all the intricacies that go into seeing a project from start to finish, project managers swoop in to make it work—they’re action-oriented, quick decision-makers that dive head-first into a project […]

Do You Really Have a Growth Mindset?

“Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I?” is the typical response you may hear from CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs to a question like this. Many people believe that so long as they remain positive and give their employees an insurmountable amount of perks, then they most definitely have a growth mindset—having a growth mindset takes […]

Better Manager, Better Employees

At this point, anyone who sees the words “better manager” will immediately think of someone easy going, laid back, and most importantly, possesses a level of emotional intelligence that shoots through the roof. The headline of most recent articles on leadership have to include terms like “emotional intelligence,” “high EQ,” and “empathy.” But somehow, no […]

How to Use Criticism to Your Advantage

The truth can be triggering Ever wondered why receiving feedback can be so difficult to accept? According to an article published on HBR, there’s a reason why listening to criticism, no matter how constructive, can be irritating and even painful for some. Authors Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone believe there are three types of triggers […]