5 Leadership Trends to Look Out for

1- Building the right business culture for remote teams Many businesses in the last year or so had to reinvent the wheel in different aspects of their business, one of those aspects being their own business culture. Some were caught by surprise when they realized the kind of culture they were able to maintain in-office […]

Fast and Agile PMO: Is it Doable?

Today you can launch a Project Management Office (PMO) initiative within one month. Yes, you heard us right; one month. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, at Case in Point Co., we believe this is how PMOs should be launched in the new age of COVID-19—to prevail in a post-pandemic world, the […]

What HR Professionals Need to Know about Employee Engagement in 2021

Connecting in a disconnected world Ever since the start of the pandemic, most businesses around the world have resorted to working remotely. As we’ve seen in some statistics published during the course of the COVID-19 outbreak, remote work comes with a long set of challenges. Businesses are facing new challenges they haven’t faced before—loneliness, at-home […]

Battling Lack of Focus Due to Uncertainty in the Workplace

Never in the past decade has the sentence “these unprecedented times” been spoken so many times within a short period of time. These “unprecedented times” have have undoubtedly caused a sort of “burnout crisis” that’s affected the world on a global scale. And one of the symptoms of burnout is reduced performance at work. Uncertainty […]

Everything They Told You About Willpower Isn’t True

As soon as a speaker or a celebrity starts lecturing you about willpower, do yourself a favor and stop listening. Switch to another podcast, or another YouTube channel, or leave the venue. They are wasting your time. The truth is, everyone who is lecturing you about willpower does not have more willpower than you do. You […]