Turn Your Employees Into Owners

When fear stops you from becoming an owner   One of the biggest problems facing clients we’ve worked with over the years is that their employees aren’t focused enough.   Blame-shifting, silos, and aimless meetings are running rampant in companies whose owners struggle with the painfully slow pace at which their distracted employees work. It […]

The Importance of Forming Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Want an Efficient Way to Grow Your Company? Form Partnerships. “No company can go it alone.” —Yves Doz and Gary Hamel, authors of Alliance Advantage We cannot grow and explore our potential without our partners. This bold and daring statement from the book Alliance Advantage still rings true to this day, and in honor of that […]

Three Books on Digital Transformation You Have to Read

Digital transformation isn’t just about technology: it’s about how you use the technology accessible to you to create even more value for your customers and, as a result, enable faster growth for your company. However, leaders in digital transformation focus on much more than current technological advancements in the industry. Most people think that digital […]

How Your Business Can Thrive in a Competitive Industry

Healthy competition that hurts  A little competition never hurt anyone. Humans have been competing with each other since the Stone Age. As entrepreneur Peter Diamandis once said, “As humans, we have evolved to compete.” Healthy competition can actually be the driving force your company needs to push you and your team to take the bull […]

Do You Think You Can Double Your Revenue Fast?

The short answer is, yes, you can. The evidence is all around us: Think Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and so many others which started out as simple concepts that blew up to become one of the most innovative ideas of the century. These businesses know what it takes to double their revenue. They’ve done it […]

Refocus Your Team Using OKRs

When your sales team falls behind the competition The sales department is a company’s lifeline; no sales, slower cashflow. In fact, having an ineffective sales team can lead to dire consequences for your company. There’s a lot at stake here, so the pressure is always on for sales teams to nurture, keep, and acquire new […]

The Productive Narcissist: Is Your Manager One?

Narcissism in the Corporate World Overconfident, charismatic, and goal-oriented. Three things you would probably associate with someone who is in a position of power and influence within a corporation. You think of the team leader, the manager, and the c-suite. And guess what? Those are all typical traits of a narcissist as well—those traits are […]