Your Employees Want a Leader, Not a Friend

Mistaking Friendship for Compassion There are many common trends in leadership science that seem to have been misunderstood by the online community. A lot of these trends start from good, sound sources but end up spiraling into something that isn’t what they were originally intended to mean. One of these trends is having compassion towards […]

The Teary-Eyed Manager: Is it Okay to Have Emotions?

Guess what? You can have emotions and be a great leader. One of the biggest misconceptions of our time: Being emotional is a weakness in the workplace. We tend to think that the best way to handle emotions in the workplace is to not handle them at all—becoming emotional interferes with your rational thinking, so […]

Top Takeaways from CEOs that We Can All Learn from

“I don’t have Steve Jobs’ crisp view of the future, but I have a direction. If we’re moving fast enough, I know we’ll eventually get there.” —CEO of Spotify Daniel Ek to Forbes This quote by Daniel Ek shows that you don’t have to emulate Steve Job’s way to success to get somewhere with your […]

Science-Backed Ways to Create an Engaging Presentation on Zoom

Remote work is becoming more and more common, and so are virtual presentations As the hybrid workforce model continues to prove its effectiveness, more and more companies are starting to warm up to the “work from anywhere” concept and enabling workers the option to work wherever they feel most productive and engaged. With that said, […]

Being “Nice” isn’t Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence, According to Leadership Expert Daniel Goleman Contrary to popular belief, being “nice” isn’t really a hallmark of an emotionally intelligent leader—of course, you can be nice and emotionally intelligent at the same time, but niceness isn’t what differentiates an emotionally intelligent leader from an average one. Daniel Goleman, the lead researcher on emotional […]

Management 101: How to Embrace Change

The world is constantly changing, and so should your business With the rise of technology, the way we do business has drastically changed—information travels faster, and becoming more accessible, which means market demands are constantly changing. If you want your business to thrive in the world of today—especially with the rise and popularity of digitization—you […]

Perfectionist Paralysis: How You’re Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Career

Perfectionism is killing your progress Overthinking every decision, overdelivering when you don’t need to, giving too much attention to menial tasks, and continuing to create habits that have no added benefit will not do anyone good, neither to you nor your company. Though perfectionism is a trait that is much more rampant in the business […]

Work–Life Balance: Is It Attainable?

Work like a dog and forget the rest Despite the efforts of many nonprofit organizations to raise awareness of this issue and help employees find this kind of balance, tiring yourself out at work is still considered the hallmark of a “loyal” employee, or at least to most business leaders. In fact, a lot of […]

Read More to Lead Better

It’s Less about the Knowledge and More about the Skill When you think about entrepreneurs as successful as Mark Zuckerberg reading their heart out, the first thing that probably comes to mind is that the types of books these people read are probably nonfiction and works related to their field. However, for these billionaires, it’s […]